Moll (mollith) wrote,

Dieting works

As usual the most challenging part of doing something, is not the act of doing it, but all the routine and unplanned things that you deal with all the rest of the day. It's not hard to eat a salad and do a 30 minute work out. It's hard to have a spat with your husband, cry for an hour, and then not eat all the power bars you bought for the week.
I'm not intending to sound like a infomercial, but if you're too fat for your own liking purchase this:
It's about the price of one month of gym. It's tough to get yourself to do it at home. I'm a gym fanatic... I can't work out unless I think someone will see me slack off and laugh at me. So I need the unsympathetic eyes.
It's hard. you'll be happy no one can see you.

other than that.... I feel like I have come a long way since the last time I wrote. I'm coming up with the words better. I'm seeing the gaps in things I wasn't seeing before.
Today is Thursday, and I have wasted another week, and have yet to accomplish a single thing I have set out to do, even though all things on my to do list are checked off, nothing really is where it's supposed to be.

Oh, and if you smoke... you wont be able to after the first day... you're vomit a lung if you do.
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