Moll (mollith) wrote,


I'm trying to stray away from thinking of people as formulas.
relationships are not equations.
(I am not a number)
Consider the individuals, fuzzy logic. Drawing parallels between people might be ok... in the future when the link between genetics and what is phenotically deducable.
Somehow occured me too late. After I tired.
Just like this young boy, with a childhood that was quite sad therefore only kindness can come from him. He doesn't understand people's intentions. It confusses him. He can't understand indifference. Only goodness and badness.
I think he should be treated with kindness, much like all other people should. I just don't think it's my job to be the one.
Most of the time I'm discredited because when people start listing facts, knowledge that might be neccessary to my points, I start hearing lalalalalalalalalalala. I don't know the statistics. My fuzzy logic deals with human potential.
The issue is I keep thinking life is something that's not happening right now. I keep chasing it.
it's time to wake up.
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